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 "He who vindicates me is near, Who then will bring

charges against me? Let us face each other! Who is

my accuser? Let him confront me!"  Isaiah 50:8




Psalm 145:17-18 
Psalm 145:17-18



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From the Lamplighter

"Vacation Bible School: Not Just for Kids"


Vacation Bible School has been defined as “a specialized form of religious education which focuses on children.” It seems. however, that, while more than 200 children will attend Resurrection’s VBS this summer, the adults and young adults who volunteer to run the week-long program appear to derive a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from it as well.

Michelle Woicyk, co-director of this year’s VBS, describes the program as “an opportunity for children to spend the week learning about the love of Jesus. It is a week for adults and children as well.”
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Pastor Jeff Browning. October 4, 2015.